Class 4

Class 4 Curriculum Overview 2021-22

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Autumn Term 2

 Topic Homework




Complete the Comprehension task 'Orbiting the Sun'




Choose one of the Space Maths Problem Tasks to complete 



Complete the Moon diary for 28 days


Listen to at least three planets from Holst’s Planet suite on Charanga. Record and describe the music for each planet. How does it make you feel? What image and mood for the planet does the composer help you create in your mind.

Food Technology

Research what astronauts eat in space and design a meal an astronaut would like to eat. How could you make your meal suitable for consumption in space? Think of texture and packaging. Use the video to get you thinking,


Look at the Satellite photos of Earth from Space. Match the photos to the maps and complete the table.







Autumn Term 2021      



It's fabulous to welcome everyone back to school this week. Year 5 have done a great job at settling in to their new class and Year 6 are raring to go. Launching straight into our learning. We've dived in at the deep end - talking of which we will be commencing swimming lessons from next Friday 10th September ( beginning in the shallow end of course). Please remember to bring in your parental consent form as soon as possible.

 Greek Myths




Solar System and Space Facts


Class Reader Autumn Term 



Click on the image to access the audio book Link on Youtube.

 Please ONLY read the chapter(s) you have been asked to read - otherwise it will spoil our predictions.

Monday 6th September

For Monday 13th September, please read/listen to:-

Chapter 3 & 4

Topic Homework Autumn 1




Read the story and find the words/prefixes/names that originate from Ancient Greece. What do they mean?




Theseus carefully made his way through the labrynth to find the Minotaur. 

In this maze there are numbers in each of the cells. Go through the maze adding all the numbers that you pass. You may not go through any cell more than once.

Can you find a way through in which the numbers add to exactly 100?

There is more than one way to solve this problem.

What is the highest total you have found?

What is the lowest total you have found?


Click on the Maze to download a worksheet


Have a go at the Archimedes investigation.

Click on the image below for instructions for the investigation


Watch the short animation of the Olympic torch runner being chased through the streets of London. 

Your Task

Research the Ancient Greek Gods.

Create a poster to teach others about them, Mount Olympus and the Ancient Olympic Games.


Use the PowerPoint to learn about the three main types of Greek Column. Label the different parts of the column. Pick one type of column – draw and label it.


PowerPoint                                                                              Task sheet

Drawing pencils and paper can be provided by school.


Read the story ‘A Dog’s Life’ about Diogenes the Ancient Greek philosopher. Complete the thinking task on what we need to be happy.