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Useful links


                    Bug club                                                                                                Letterjoin                                                              Oxford Owl







                    Sumdogs                                                                                    Supermovers                                                                     Hit the button




                          Joe Wicks                                                                                                     Cosmic Kids Yoga






Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning children. It was lovely to see you all on Teams yesterday. You played the guessing game really well! 

I hope you enjoyed learning about St David's Day. Did anyone complete their dragon art?


 It's now time to  wake up this morning with a School Assembly Song:





Year 1 Maths

Y1 Maths Activity Mat. Complete page 3:


Oak National Academy Lesson:


Click on the link below to complete your tasks:




Year 2 Maths

Y2 Maths Activity Mat. Complete page 3:



Oak National Academy Lesson:

Complete the independent task on the Oak National Academy PDF.

Extra: Draw your own diagrams to find half of 8, 12 and 20

Draw your own diagrams to find a quarter of 8, 20 and 24



Let's begin with PhonicsPlay. Use the log in details below.

Click on Resources. Then click on Tricky Word Trucks. Year 1 start on Phase 3 words. Move to All Phases when you are ready. Read the sounds with an adult.



Today's sound is 'ie' as in cried!

Click on the link below to practise words with the 'ie' sound:



Click on the link to complete your task:




Last week we began to read the story of 'The Magic Finger'.

Do you remember when the little girl turned her teacher into a cat?


Today I would you to write a letter to the teacher to say sorry. You have to pretend to be the little girl. 

Click on the picture below for some ideas to include in your letter:




After lunch - Bug Club Reading

Log in to Bug Club and choose a book from 'Your Stuff'.

Read with an adult or on your own and answer the Bug questions. Spend about 10-15 minutes on this task.



Design and Technology

 Today we will be investigating pizza toppings.

Click on the powerpoint below. You will need to read this with an adult:


Click on the link below to complete your task:



Story time


Have a terrific Tuesday!


 Monday 1st March

Good morning children. Only one more week of home learning and then we will all be back together. Today is St David's Day the patron Saint of Wales. We are going to spend some time learning about him and completeing fun activities.


Remember to keep practising your reading everyday. All the useful links are at the top of the class page and you can use these throughout your day. 


Let's get moving this morning with an action song:




St David's Day

 Watch the clip below to learn about St David:



Click on the picture below to open up the reading comprehension.

Read pages 1-2. Answer questions on page 3-4.



10am Teams Meeting Get Together


Let's all get together at 10am this morning for a catch up before we return to school.

This week we are going to play a guessing game. Choose an object to bring along to the Get Together Meeting and think of at least 3 clues to describe it. We all then have to guess what your object is. Remember to keep it hidden until the end! We will also share another Supermovers to do together. 

Hope to see you all there.


How is St David's Day celebrated?

Click on the link below and watch the short videos on the CBeebies website to learn how children in Wales prepare and celebrate St David's Day:


Your activity is to learn how to draw a dragon.

Follow the video below and remember to keep pausing it as you create your picture:




 If you have time before lunch, log on to Sumdogs and practise your basic maths skills today:



After lunch - Bug Club Reading

Log in to Bug Club and choose a book from 'Your Stuff'.

Read with an adult or on your own and answer the Bug questions. Spend about 10-15 minutes on this task.



 Let's have a dragon dance session today with Justin from CBeebies:


Lesson summary:

Warm up: travelling around the space and showing the contrast between movement and stasis.

Climbing a tree: movement at contrasting heights to show climbing a tree.

Travelling around the castle: pair work in unison.

Play sword fighting: upper body movements in time to the music showing slow motion sword actions.

Making the dragon: showing the dragon moving.

Finding the dragon: a contrasting sequence of movements as the children travel through a variety of terrains.

Escape from the dragon: moving back through a variety of terrains with a more urgent feeling.

Cool down: simple relaxation through controlled breathing.



Fun activities

Choose from a variety of St David's Day activities below:

Daffodil craft:



Mindfulness colouring:





Story time



Have a great day!



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